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 Wolfur's Poetry

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PostSubject: Wolfur's Poetry   Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:48 pm

Yes, I write them..

Her eyes they could only decieve, as her would I would always perceive, It was all fake, she was all a lie, she left me in the streets just to die, as my heart turned to steel,
she was not real, she was not real, it turned me into cold steel, this can't be real, my tears could no longer conceal, as she walked away with my face in grieve.

For you, Only You

I'm here waiting, waiting for you, my angel. Can you hear my voice, I'm crying for you, and only you. Can you see my hands? Grasping these bars? Take me from, this
kingdom of scars.. And away with you, happily ever after, to the kingdom of love, of happines and laughter, we'll spend our lives, together, and free, we'll conquer every fear, from land to the sea, and with my words, I will defend all sane, protecting your heart, and preventing all pain, I'm here for you, forever in light, because I know that you, will make things alright, please come here, and rescue me, because I'm for you, and only you.

I looked into her face
And into her eyes
Like a deep sea
Filled with lies

Tools Of Love
I don't need true love
I'll just be another tool
Those who need it
Are just blind fools

Feeling broken
Broken like a heart
Feeling torn
Like a piece of art
The angel I saw
Was nothing but a dream
That light that shined
Was just a hopeless beam
The love I was given
The care that got me here
When in the end
It was all something to fear
She took me in
She healed my heart
She talked to me
How I miss that part
When things went bad
She talked me through
She told me she loved me
She said I’m here for you
Now she’s gone
And I’m incomplete
She left me here
Dying in the street

Glass Heart
Glass Heart, Glass Heart
Broken dreams that are pulled apart
Fragments of love, once was affection
Now broken up into shards of rejection

Glass Heart, Glass Heart
Will you pick up the pieces of my broken art?
To fix my heart and hear it cry
Please don't leave me just to die

With You
The fleets of our join, when we're together and kiss, the moments we enjoy, every minute and every hour,
I want to spend loving you, because we know it's true, when I begin to kiss you, when my cheeks brush beside you,
I feel so happy, when I'm with you, because here, we're safe from fear, and it's all, because I'm with you

Lyrics of life
Oceans of Youth
Veil of Beauty
Emotions of Truth

Well you know that feeling?
When you have someone there
Someone in your arms
Someone to care?
I've never felt that before
But I'd like to know
Have you had this feeling?
Do you know that glow?
There's a beam that shines down
Down on every soul
Every person has a reason
Every person has a role
Everyone has an angel
An angel called Hope
Some have been guided
Guided up this slope
I've yet to meet this angel
The angel who will hold my heart
The angel who will ignite it
And give it the fuel to start
I've never had someone
Someone to call my own
I've never met someone
That made me shiver to the bone
That shiver will make me happy
That feeling will stay with me
The promises I will keep
This angel is the key
I will share secrets with her
I will not make her bore
We will sit on the beach
We'll watch the birds soar
I will make her happy
And I'll be there shes down
I'll be her guidance
I will not let her frown
Listen to my voice
These are words of truth
An angel spoke these words
As a child in my youth
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfur's Poetry   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:27 am

I hope you realize how amazing "Broken" and "Glass Heart" are. Not to mention the rest of the poems!

You have a gift! You should write all the time! :O
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfur's Poetry   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:53 pm

i wish i could still write like that...unfortunately all my old poems that i DO have are fairly emo for when i went through tough times. Anyhoo...i agree with gwen! keep up the amazing work wolfur!

-anita (wishes she spent more time working on her personal projects but still loves WoW way to much)

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PostSubject: Re: Wolfur's Poetry   

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Wolfur's Poetry
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